Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in Washington State: Technical Summaries for Decision-Makers

This report from the Climate Impacts Group (CIG) provides technical summaries detailing observed and projected changes for Washington’s climate, water resources, forests, species and ecosystems, coasts and ocean, infrastructure, agriculture, and human health. 

Background information is provided on observed global and national climate impacts, and projected impacts are described following an explanation on interpreting climate modeling scenarios. How climate has and is changing in the Pacific Northwest is explained along with specific projections for the region. Each sector is then addressed individually, defining explicit associated impacts. The report also describes climate change adaptation activities underway across the state, and lists data resources available to support local adaptation efforts.

The literature reviewed for this synthesis included recent major international, United States, and Pacific Northwest assessment reports, especially two recent efforts associated with the Third U.S. National Climate Assessment, scientific journal articles, and agency reports.

The Climate Impacts Group is part of the College of the Environment at the University of Washington. CIG is an internationally recognized interdisciplinary research group studying the impacts of natural climate variability and global climate change. Research at the CIG considers climate impacts at spatial scales ranging from local communities to the entire western U.S. region, with most work focused on the Pacific Northwest.

Publication Date: December 2013

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