ClimateLA (Los Angeles, California)

ClimateLA is an implementation program for action items discussed in the GreenLA plan released by the City of Los Angeles in May 2007.  In May 2007, the City of Los Angeles, California published “Green LA: An Action Plan to Lead the Nation in Fighting Global Warming,” which included more than fifty specific climate mitigation actions designed to reduce the City’s contributions to climate change, and to prepare a response to the changes that have already begun to occur.

City departments worked together to respond to the recommendations set forth in the Plan, resulting in ClimateLA.  ClimateLA is an implementation program that provides detailed information about each action item discussed in the Green LA framework. While the ClimateLA program focuses on mitigation, many of the adaptation measures addressed in GreenLA are considered in this report, such as managing urban heat.

Some of the adaptive action items recommended include making Los Angeles a worldwide leader in green buildings, decreasing per-capita water use, and the implementing a city-wide climate change education program. Information about proposed and/or ongoing programs, opportunities for achieving the City’s goals, specific challenges, and a list of milestones is provided for each action item. Generally, adaptation will become a priority for Los Angeles in the near future, and will be included in departmental action plans.



Publication Date: 2008

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