Coastal Vulnerability Assessment of the Northern Gulf of Mexico to Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Change

This report, prepared by the U.S. Geologic Survey, uses an index to assess the vulnerability of the Gulf Coast - from Galveston, Texas to Panama City, Florida.  The Coastal Vulnerability Index (CVI) applied is based on six factors that influence the risk sea-level rise poses:  geomorphology, historical shoreline change rate, regional coastal slope, relative sea-level change, mean significant wave height, and mean tidal range.  CVI data can be used in at least two ways: (1) as a way of identifying areas where physical changes are most likely to occur as sea-level rises, and (2) as a planning tool for managing and protecting resources along the Northern Gulf of Mexico.  The report recommends that this data be incorporated into future adaptation planning and policy making.

Publication Date: July 2010

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  • E.A. Pendleton
  • J.A. Barras
  • S.J. Williams
  • D.C. Twichell

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