Connecticut Executive Order No. 50 - State Agencies Fostering Resilience Council

Connecticut Executive Order 50, signed by Governor Dannel P. Malloy on October 26, 2015, establishes a permanent working group called the State Agency Fostering Resilience Council (SAFR Council), committed to strengthening the state’s resiliency to extreme weather events including hurricanes, flooding, extreme heat, and slow onset events such as sea-level rise. The SAFR Council is to be comprised of 12 members, appointed by the Governor, including agency heads and experts.

The SAFR Council is charged with authoring a Statewide Resilience Roadmap using climate impact research and assisting Connecticut’s Office of Policy and Management in creating state policies that incorporate forward looking risk analysis. They will also assist municipalities in incorporating climate analysis into their coastal resilience plans.

Members of the SAFR Council will serve a two-year term and will meet quarterly. They will report their findings to the Governor no later than July 2016 initially, and biannually thereafter. 




Publication Date: October 26,2015

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