Connecticut's 2010 Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

This 2010 Update to Connecticut's Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan expands the 2007 plan to cover years 2010 - 2013. A good example of mainstreaming the consideration of climate change into existing planning efforts, this update discusses the projected impacts of climate change within each of the major sections of the plan addressing hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones, precipitation, flooding, droughts, and wildland fires, and their relation to hazard mitigation as a whole.

The update has provided Connecticut with an opportunity to build more effective interagency communication between its many agencies that affect hazard mitigation planning, and to identify enhancements that will help move the State forward in hazard mitigation planning.

The areas of focus for the updated 2010 Plan include:

  • Updates of data and information in each chapter regarding natural hazard mitigation in the State of Connecticut;
  • The inclusion of FEMA’s newest grant programs;
  • The presentation of information, especially in Chapter 2 – Hazards and Risk Assessment, in a more easy-to-read and cohesive manner; including a discussion of impacts due to climate change with regard to natural hazard mitigation under all applicable natural hazards presented; and
  • The reassessment of the goals, objectives, strategies and activities as presented in the 2007 Plan. 


Goals in the 2010 plan include:

1) Implementation of Sound Floodplain Management and Other Natural Hazard Mitigation Principles on a State and Local Level

2) Implementation of Effective Hazard Mitigation Projects on a State and Local Level

3) Increase Research and Planning Activities for Natural Hazard Mitigation on a State and Local Level.


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Publication Date: December 2010

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