Creating Resilient Water Utilities Initiative (CRWU)

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Creating Resilient Water Utilities (formally Climate Resilient Water Utilities - CRWU) initiative to assist water and wastewater utilities in preparing for climate change. CRWU offers a suite of tools and resources to promote the understanding of climate science, associated risks to the water sector, and pertinent adaptation options for utilities and communities to implement. EPA designed the CRWU resources to translate complex climate projections into usable formats - to assist in building a more resilient water sector. 

The following resources have been developed under the CRWU initiative:

  • A Scenario-Based Projected Changes Map to access a location's potential climate future, including projected changes in annual total precipitation, annual average temperature, annual number of days over 100 degrees F, 100-year storm intensity and sea-level rise.  
  • The Storm Surge Inundation and Hurricane Strike Frequency Map demonstrates worst-case coastal storm surge scenarios, FEMA's 100- and 500-year flood maps, and historical hurricane strike data for locations on the East and Gulf coasts. 

Resources can all be found on the CRWU website, and within the water sector portal of the Adaptation Clearinghouse. 


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