Design Standards for U.S. Transportation Infrastructure: The Implications of Climate Change

This paper is intended to “provide a broad conceptual framework for the possible role and objectives of standards and guidelines for the planning, design and construction of the transportation infrastructure under the assumption that climate change is occurring and will impact U.S. transportation.”

The report highlights the need for adaptation strategies to focus on transportation systems as networks and for planning decisions to be based on the probabilistic nature of climate change impacts. As a consequence of this emphasis, the report suggests targeting infrastructure based on the relative risks it faces due to climate change, and its importance to the functioning of larger transportation systems.  Alternative methods of adaptation - including more resilient design, designing structures to last for shorter periods of time, monitoring structures, changing land use planning, and encouraging new practices through insurance programs - are also discussed.

Publication Date: November 2006

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  • Michael D. Meyer

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  • Planning guides


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