FHWA - Integrating Climate Change into the Transportation Planning Process

This report from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) seeks to advance the practice of transportation planning among state, regional, and local transportation planning agencies. In addition to identifying ways to reduce greenhouse gases in the transportation sector, the report reviews related climate change impacts, and discusses how state DOT's and MPO's can consider these impacts in their long-range transportation planning, as well as in Transportation Improvement Programs (TIP). The report also identifies the successes and challenges experienced by numerous state and local agencies already incorporating climate change into transportation planning processes.

An analysis of federal regulations and statutes ( Title 23 USC 134-135 (FHWA), 23 CFR Parts 450 and 500 (FHWA), Title 49 USC 5303 (FTA), and 49 CFR Part 613 (FTA)) is provided to demonstrate specific opportunities to consider climate change within existing authorizations. While the report acknowledges there are no specific requirements to directly address climate change, it indicates that recent revisions to legislation have further incorporated energy and environmental considerations. These revisions offer greater opportunities for MPOs and state DOTs to integrate climate change considerations within their planning processes.


Publication Date: July 2008

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