Impacts of Global Warming on Hurricane-Related Flooding in Corpus Christi, Texas

An analysis of impacts to Corpus Christi, Texas was undertaken to help understand and quantify the potential impacts of global warming on coastal flooding and related damages. The city’s location on the Gulf of Mexico makes it particularly vulnerable to climate change impacts. If sea-level rise projections and the hurricane intensification scenarios used in this analysis are realized, significant increases in flood levels are projected, especially under higher emissions scenarios. This is projected to lead to major economic consequences resulting from increased property damage and displacement of families and businesses.

Key findings presented in this summary brochure of the analysis outline how: 1) the sea-level around Corpus Christi is projected to rise by about 2.6 feet by the 2080s; 2) hurricanes are projected to become more intense as ocean waters continue to warm; 3) by the 2030s, hurricane flood levels could increase by 3 to 27 percent; and 4) structural damage to homes and buildings affected by flooding due to a major hurricane is projected to rise by 60 to 100 percent by the 2030s.

Publication Date: June 2009

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