Lee County, Florida Climate Change Resiliency Strategy (CCRS)

Building on the Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for Lee County, Florida the CCRS includes a process for identifying potential climate change resiliency strategies through coordination and consultation with local government leadership in 39 Lee County departments and divisions. Identification of resiliency strategies that could be utilized by Lee County to reduce the negative effects of climate change help in positioning the County to take advantage of potential climate prosperity opportunities.

The CCRS contains a wide variety of ideas and opportunities for Lee County to employ in climate change planning, energy savings, and cost savings. It also proposes an implementation program complete with milestone triggers, barriers to implementation, and costs of implementation. The CCRS informs the County of options and opportunities but it does not prioritize those actions or direct County policy. The report notes that prioritization would require a full public planning process incorporating public participation as part of a full adaptation plan.



Publication Date: October 6, 2010

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  • James W. Beever III
  • Jason Utley
  • David Hutchinson
  • Tim Walker
  • Dan Cobb

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  • Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council


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  • Adaptation plan

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