Literature Synthesis on Climate Change Implications for Water and Environmental Resources

This report synthesizes regional studies on the implications of climate change on Bureau of Reclamation operations and activities in 17 Western States. Specifically, the report addresses past and projected effects of climate change on hydrology and water resources. The report outlines implications for the key resource areas the Bureau considers in its planning processes for each of the Bureau's five regions: Pacific Northwest, Mid-Pacific, Lower Colorado, Upper Colorado, and Great Plains.

While the report is written for Bureau of Reclamation staff involved in planning and environmental compliance activities, other audiences may also find it helpful, such as other Bureau divisions, other government agencies, and non-government entities associated with Bureau projects and activities. The narratives are meant for use in planning documents such as National Environmental Policy Act [NEPA] environmental impact statements, biological assessments under the Federal/State Endangered Species Act [ESA], and general planning feasibility studies.




Publication Date: September 2013

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  • Mark Spears
  • Alan Harrison
  • Victoria Sankovich
  • Jade Soddell
  • Levi Brekke

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  • Assessment
  • Case study

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