Living Asheville, North Carolina: A Comprehensive Plan for Our Future

In June 2018, the Asheville City Council adopted an updated comprehensive plan, "Living Asheville: A Comprehensive Plan for Our Future" that incorporated considerations of climate-threats to the city, which were identified in the city's climate hazard Assessment, completed in June 2017. The Living Asheville Plan guides land use decisions in the city; it examines the long-term challenges posed by climate change and includes policies for enhancing the city's resilience.

To inform the development of the Plan, the city hired an Equity and Inclusion Manager and equity considerations are interwoven throughout the Plan. The Plan examines racial, economic, and educational disparities, barriers posed to black communities and businesses, and opportunities to eliminate disparities. A racial equity lens was used to review the city's strategic goals related to health, education, housing, and economic mobility. An Interwoven Equity chapter discusses the city's plans to improve community involvement in city decisionmaking and use equity principles to prioritize city investments, including using a racial equity impact analysis to direct the annual budget process.


The plan includes a range of strategies for enhancing city resilience, including:

  • strengthening urban transit corridors using smart growth principles
  • creating a green infrastructure network around transportation corridors to address urban heat islands
  • protecting sensitive lands and promoting edible and native landscapes that improve water quality and reduce waste and energy use
  • fostering resilient neighborhoods through place-making and enhanced community engagement particularly with minority communities
  • using nature to enhance open space and stormwater management
  • enhancing equitable, upward mobility by addressing housing affordability and workforce development.

Publication Date: June 2018

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