Maryland Coastal Atlas

The Coastal Atlas is an online mapping and planning tool that allows state and local decision-makers to visually analyze and explore data for coastal and ocean planning activities. The site provides shoreline mapping data for shoreline and flood planning in Maryland. The maps are based on erosion, storm inundation and sea level rise data developed from fifty years of observations, and display future shoreline positions up to fifty years in the future. The data available through the Coastal Atlas includes physical characteristics, human uses and ecological resources. Users are able to visualize, query, map, and analyze available data to better manage marine and estuarine resources.

The Ocean mapping tool allows users to view ocean data and access tools to understand and balance multiple ocean uses, including shipping, offshore renewable energy, recreation and fishing. The Shoreline tool provides state shoreline erosion data, and allows users to visualize coastal inundation from storms and identify areas at risk to sea level rise. The Estuaries tool allows users to identify and access critical tidal and near-shore habitats for targeted conservation, protection and restoration activities such as tidal wetlands, priority fish habitat and submerged aquatic vegetation.

The Coastal Atlas is the result of a collaborative effort among the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the Maryland Energy Administration, Towson University, the University of Maryland, The Nature Conservancy and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


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