Mitigating New York City's Heat Island with Urban Forestry, Living Roofs, and Light Surfaces

This study uses a regional climate model (MM5) in combination with observed meteorological, satellite, and GIS data to determine the impact of mitigation strategies including urban forestry, living/green roofs, and light surfaces on surface and near-surface air temperature in the New York Metropolitan Region over space and time. The effects of localized changes in landsurface cover in six case study areas are evaluated in the context of regional atmospheric mixing.

Publication Date: January 30, 2006

Authors or Affiliated Users:

  • Cynthia Rosenzweig
  • William Solecki
  • Lily Parshall
  • Stuart Gaffin
  • Barry Lynn
  • Richard Goldberg
  • Jennifer Cox
  • Sara Hodges

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  • Case study

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