ND-GAIN Country Index

From the University of Notre Dame Global Adaptation Initiative (ND-GAIN), this global index is a free open-source online tool which summarizes a country's climate change vulnerabilities, as well as its readiness to adapt.

The Index uses two decades of data across 45 indicators to rank 181 countries annually.  The score for each country is composed of readiness and vulnerability. The vulnerability score is calculated from indicators grouped by sectors under the components of exposure, sensitivity and adaptive capacity, and the readiness score is calculated from measures grouped under economic, governance and social readiness. Ranked sectors for each country include: food, ecosystems, human habitat, public health, infrastructure (coastal, energy and transport) and water.  

For example, the Water score captures a country's vulnerability of fresh water supplies to climate change. Indicators for water vulnerability include: projected change of annual runoff, projected change of annual groundwater recharge, fresh water withdrawal rate, water dependency ratio, dam capacity, and access to reliable drinking water.

ND-GAIN also offers advanced visualizations for signing up on their website. These tools offer customizable plots and allow users to save graphics in a variety of formats. Advanced visualizations include three tools:

  • "What if" Tool: Introduction of weights and indicator variations for the exploration of hypothetical cases in which nations might better or worsen their underlying indicators
  • ND-GAIN Matrix Tool: Two-variable plane that illustrates the progress of one or more nations over time. HIC, LIC and other groups of nations also included
  • Linear Trends Tool: Generate simple linear trends over a specific year interval

Publication Date: 2013

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