NOAA Sea Level Rise Viewer

Hosted by the NOAA Coastal Services Center's Digital Coast, this online mapping tool allows users to observe the effects of sea level rise on U.S. coasts. Being able to visualize potential impacts from sea level rise can be a powerful teaching and planning tool, and the Sea Level Rise Viewer brings this capability to coastal communities.

A slider bar is used to show how various levels of sea level rise will impact coastal communities. Maps are not available for Alaska due to elevation data accuracy and vertical datum transformation gaps.

The tool displays potential future sea levels, simulates up to six feet of sea level rise at local landmarks, models potential marsh migration due to sea level rise, and provides visuals and the accompanying data and information on sea-level rise inundation, uncertainty, flood frequency, impacts, and socio-economics. 

The website also houses some interactive story maps that utilize data from the Viewer: 

- History Behind Flooding in Charleston, South Carolina

- King Tides: Snap the Shore, See the Future - a collaboration of NOAA's Office for Coastal Management and the King Tides Project

- Sea Level Rise Implications for Cape Canaveral, Florida

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