Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts, Climate Action and Clean Energy Plan

The Pioneer Valley Climate Action and Clean Energy Plan presents an impact assessment of climate change in the Pioneer Valley region of Massachusetts, and provides many local and regional climate adaptation strategies. This plan identifies the amounts and sources of the Pioneer Valley’s greenhouse gas emissions; offers regional targets for GHG reduction in a Clean Energy Plan Update; and recommends detailed strategies for both mitigating and adapting to climate change impacts. 

Chapter 7: Climate Change Vulnerabilities and Adaptation Actions describes the projected impacts of climate change on the people and resources of the Pioneer Valley, and offers relevant adaption actions to address them for the following sectors:

  • Water supply and water infrastructure
  • Wastewater infrastructure
  • Dams and flood control infrastructure
  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Energy and electrical infrastructure
  • Buildings and the built environment
  • Human health and safety
  • Fish and wildlife
  • Agriculture
  • Regional economy

Information on Vulnerable resources, Threats, and Adaptation Actions are given for each of these topics.

Chapter 8 offers a Climate Action Strategy with many detailed recommendations designed specifically for municipalities, homeowners, businesses or regional entities - for both reduction of GHGs, and for climate adaptation. Adaptation strategies are primarily focused on water supply and management, public health, extreme weather and flooding, along with providing some green infrastructure recommendations.


This project was funded through a Sustainable Communities Initiative grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), received by the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission in partnership with the Capitol Region Council of Governments. 



Publication Date: February 2014

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  • Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (Massachusetts)


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