Resilient Coasts: A Blueprint for Action

Produced by Ceres and the Heinz Center, this report outlines cost effective steps that can be taken to reduce risks and better protect coastal areas threatened by climate change impacts. The Blueprint states basic principles fundamental to coastal resiliency in the face of intensifying hazards and suggests strategies for climate change adaptation.  

Seven "Resilient Coasts Principles" are outlined, along with recommended actions for each:

  • Identify and fill critical gaps in scientific understanding and develop the tools and methodologies necessary for incorporating climate change into risk assessments and risk mitigation decisions.
  • Require risk-based land use planning.
  • Design adaptable infrastructure and building code standards to meet future risk.
  • Strengthen ecosystems as part of a risk mitigation strategy.
  • Develop flexible adaptation plans.
  • Maintain a viable private property and casualty insurance market.
  • Integrate climate change impacts into due diligence for investment and lending.



Publication Date: 2009

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