Resilient Jean Lafitte, Louisiana - A Flood Emergency Preparedness Plan

The Town of Jean Lafitte, Louisiana sits at or below sea level on the Gulf of Mexico and is highly vulnerable to extreme flooding from storm events, while economically dependent on maritime industries. Their Flood Emergency Preparedness Plan (FEPP) presents flood risk reduction recommendations in response to the compounding impacts of hurricanes, storm surge, coastal erosion, subsidence, sea level rise, and climate change. The FEPP's flood risk reduction initiatives were heavily informed by the 2013 Town Resiliency Plan “Jean Lafitte Tomorrow."

This FEPP describes the implementation of structural as well as non-structural projects to further reduce risk in advance of structural project completion, creating a “multiple lines of defense” approach. The plan also presents policy recommendations that would allow the community to “live with water,” while levees and other structural risk reduction projects are being implemented. The Risk Reduction Initiatives described include existing, ongoing, and planned risk-mitigation initiatives at the federal, state, parish, and municipal levels. Many of the recommendations are made also with the intent to improve the town’s Community Rating System (CRS) score, thereby reducing NFIP premiums and resident’s overall insurance rates.

All of these recommendations are intended to “empower Jean Lafitte and its residents to reduce the exposure of families, property, and the community to risk from major flood events, which will support the resiliency and sustainability of the Town of Jean Lafitte over the long-term.”

Here are a couple of the recommendations as stated in the report:

Site Evaluation: Prior to building new construction or elevating an existing structure, a thorough understanding of the site’s flood type and levels, geology, vegetation, and size of site should be evaluated for suitability of the development. In addition, potential impacts on adjacent properties should be analyzed and mitigated.

Open Space Preservation and Conservation: Jean Lafitte should comprehensively identify sites or zones to be targeted for permanent designation as open space, through regulation or acquisition, or otherwise limited as to the types of landscape alteration or development permitted.

The analysis and recommendations presented in this FEPP are supported by a companion Flood Preparedness Toolkit

Jean Lafitte prepared the FEPP through the Silver Jackets program, which will position the town to utilize funding from multiple State and Federal programs for the development of nonstructural hazard mitigation projects and programs. The Silver Jackets program helps communities to develop a comprehensive flood risk management program with support from appropriate State and Federal agencies.


Publication Date: 2016

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