Risk and Resilience in Coastal Regions, An Urban Land Institute Global Policy and Practice Forum Report

In January 2013, the Urban Land Institute (ULI) convened an interdisciplinary group of market stakeholders to explore the implications of new environmental risks in coastal regions on real estate practices and markets. This report represents the stakeholder's input and ultimate strategies from the forum - including participation from the real estate industry, insurance industry, government, and non-profit organizations.

Climate change as a new source of coastal market risk was one of the "Emerging Themes of Content" described in the report. Other related themes included addressing how markets will price new climate risks, and interdisciplinary and systems-based resiliency.

The forum was organized around a series of panels, each moderated by a ULI adviser, followed by interactive discussion. The summaries from each panel are provided including the review of trends in the insurance marketplace, assessing risks across regions and markets, dimensions of community decision making, and more. 

Publication Date: 2013

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