San Mateo County, California Climate Action Plan - Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment

The San Mateo County vulnerability assessment was conducted as a collaborative effort between ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability, PMC, San Mateo County’s Planning and Building Department as well as the San Mateo County Vulnerability Assessment Working Group. This assessment addresses the impacts of climate change on public health, water supply, and agriculture (including farms and managed timber) due to temperature and precipitation changes; wildfires; and the impacts of sea level rise on built infrastructure and ecosystems.

After a brief overview of climate change, the report describes climate projections for the San Mateo County region used as the basis for the assessment.  The key vulnerability findings captured through the assessment process are then provided by sector including:  Agriculture/ Silviculture; Built Environment in the Coastal Zone; Coastal Ecosystems; Fire Threatened Areas, Public Health, Water and Wastewater Infrastructure - with sensitivity, adaptive capacity, and timing considerations for each. Additional sector-specific information can be found in Appendix I - 'Climate Change Summaries by Focus Area'.

Temperature, precipitation and wildfire projections provided are given in near term (2020-2030) and medium term (2050) time frames in order to match with planning frameworks; while recognizing that changes will continue beyond these dates. Sea level rise projections provided are given in near term (2030), medium term (2050) and long term (2100) time frames in order to better capture the anticipated changes for one of the County’s greatest threats.

The San Mateo County Vulnerability Assessment Working Group consisted of staff representatives from County departments including Parks and Recreation, Planning, Public Health, and Public Works, as well as external experts and stakeholders including the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC), the California Coastal Commission, CalFIRE, and PG&E.



Publication Date: December 2011

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