South Carolina Climate, Energy, and Commerce Committee Final Report

The Final Report of South Carolina's Climate, Energy, and Commerce Committee provides a greenhouse gas emissions inventory and forecast, recommended emission reduction goals for South Carolina by 2020, and advice for state and local governments on measures to address climate change. The report includes a comprehensive set of 51 specific policies to reduce GHG emissions and address climate-, energy-, and commerce-related issues in South Carolina. One of these recommendations advocates that the state establish a "Blue Ribbon" Commission to develop a Climate Change Adaptation Plan.

The report analyzes the following sectors, describing key challenges facing each and offering policy recommendations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions:

  • Energy Supply Sector
  • Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Sectors
  • Transportation and Land Use Sectors
  • Agriculture, Forestry, and Waste Management Sectors

On February 16, 2007, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford issued Executive Order No. 2007-04 establishing the Governor’s Climate, Energy, and Commerce Advisory Committee to develop the Climate, Energy, and Commerce Action Plan containing specific recommended actions for mitigating GHG emissions. This group was charged with developing a comprehensive set of state-level policy recommendations to the Governor through a stakeholder-based consensus- building process. In developing its recommendations, the Committee considered the potential benefits, costs, savings, and feasibility of furthering building and infrastructure efficiency, and related energy policy and economic opportunities. The Governor asked the Center for Climate Strategies (CCS) to work in partnership with his office and agencies of the state to provide facilitation and technical support for a process to complete a series of tasks through joint activities of the Committee, five Technical Work Groups that supported the Committee, state agencies, and members of the public.


Publication Date: July 2008

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