State of Connecticut Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan 2007-2010

Connecticut's Standard Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan (NHMP) has been updated in response to the requirements of the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 (DMA 2000) and FEMA’s November 2006 Multi-Hazard Mitigation Planning Guidance.

The plan has three overarching goals: to implement sound floodplain management and natural hazards mitigation principles on a state and local level, to implement effective hazard mitigation projects on a state and local level, and to increase research and planning activities for natural hazards mitigation on a state and local level.

In addition, Connecticut's efforts in updating its 2007 NHMP include:

• An assessment of all natural hazards that affect Connecticut including the frequencies, magnitudes, and distribution of these hazards;
• A risk assessment of Connecticut's vulnerability to natural hazards as addressed through potential loss of life and surveys of critical facilities in areas subject to these hazards;
• The integration of climate impact as it relates to the assessment and analysis of natural hazards that could potentially affect the State;
• An outline of Connecticut's governmental organization before, during, and after a natural disaster. The outline presents the roles of each major state agency or DEP division in planning and responding to these hazards; and
• A summary of the most successful projects undertaken within the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP), the Flood Mitigation Assistance Program (FMA), and the Pre-Disaster Mitigation Program (PDM) to serve as examples for other communities.


Publication Date: December 2007

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