Swinomish Climate Change Initiative: Climate Adaptation Action Plan

The ultimate goal of the Swinomish Climate Change Initiative of the Swinomish Tribal Community was to develop an action plan for the adaptation and mitigation of potential risks and impacts of climate change. Under the guidance and coordination of the Swinomish Office of Planning and Community Development, the first year of the Initiative was devoted to the assessment of projected impacts, as presented in an Impact Assessment Technical Report issued in the fall of 2009. The second year of the project was focused on the evaluation of strategies and options for recommended actions to counter identified impacts, which resulted in the preparation and release of this report. This Action Plan includes a wide range of strategies for adaptation to, and mitigation of, potential impacts. Development relied upon expert scientific advisors to assist with analyzing data while seeking coordination with local jurisdictions where common interests exist with the Tribe and the Swinomish Reservation.

The list of major climate impacts and associated actions in the report are organized under four basic categories including: Coastal Resources, Upland Resources, Physical Health, and Community Infrastructure and Services. A fifth overarching category, Cultural Traditions and Community Health, has threads to all sectors, and as such is the subject of special focus. The plan includes a summary of the impact and risk analysis, along with adaptation goals and objectives, strategy options and evaluation criteria. The Action Plan Implementation guidance includes:

  • policy considerations
  • community involvement
  • fiscal impact and funding requirements
  • organizational capacity
  • inter-jurisdictional coordination
  • monitoring and adaptive response
  • mitigation activities


Publication Date: October 2010

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