The Report of the Colorado Local Resilience Project

Jointly convened by the Colorado Climate Network and the Colorado Municipal League, the Colorado Local Resilience Project was established to develop an agenda to help make Colorado communities more resilient to possible climate change impacts. The Project, comprised of 78 representatives of 30 local governments in Colorado and six other governmental and nonprofit entities active at the local level, released a report in April 2015 with climate resiliency recommendations aimed at local governments.

The report outlines six main conclusions as well as 36 specific recommendations in four categories:

assessing, planning, and managing for resilience;

developing and sharing information;

engaging the public and stakeholders; and

building capacity.

This report was prepared by five work groups, each of which focused primarily on particular subjects: cross-cutting issues, infrastructure, natural resources and outdoor recreation, public health, and wildfire preparedness and recovery.

Among the report’s recommendations are:

  • That Colorado local governments assess their local climate-related risks and undertake preparedness planning and management actions to improve resilience in their communities.
  • That local governments collaborate with one another and with the state and federal governments to coordinate the climate preparedness actions taken across jurisdictional boundaries.
  • That the Colorado state government prepare a comprehensive state-government-wide preparedness plan.
  • That the Colorado state government or another entity provide information to help local governments develop and implement effective preparedness actions. 
  • That the scope of state and local emergency plans be broadened to encompass the full range of climate-related risks that could lead to future natural-hazard emergencies.


In 2008, several communities along with the Colorado Municipal League and the Colorado Association of Ski Towns, formed the Colorado Climate Network to support efforts by local governments in addressing climate change. The Colorado Climate Network supports efforts by local governments and allied organizations in Colorado to reduce and adapt to climate change. The Network is administered on behalf of its members (local governments and allied organizations) by the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization. The Colorado Municipal League is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization providing services and resources to assist municipal officials in managing their governments and serving the cities and towns of Colorado. As part of their collaborative efforts, the network formed the Colorado Local Resilience Project. 


Publication Date: April 23, 2015

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