Town of Newmarket, New Hampshire Master Plan

The Town of Newmarket, New Hampshire is considering the integration of climate adaptation measures into municipal programs, policies, and operations. Newmarket’s 2001 Master Plan is being updated over time, and has adopted recommendations for climate adaptation and resiliency.  The introductory Vision chapter outlines ideas regarding land use and future planning activities for Newmarket in the context of year 2025. The Plan’s Future Land Use chapter includes a number of recommendations around climate resiliency, with a focus on sea level rise.

The updated Master Plan Vision chapter was constructed in a way that is intended to present the Town’s 2025 visions as realized - in other words, written as if it is the year 2025, and implementation of some adaptation measures has been successful. Newmarket’s vision includes smart development which will lead to a greater resilience against adverse impacts and infrastructure vulnerability associated with climate changes, such as sea level rise and increased flooding in 2025. 

Chapter 10: Future Land Use was updated as of July 2016 with a number of recommendations related to climate change impacts. The plan suggests that Newmarket, should begin to plan for future infrastructure projects in a way that gives consideration for future flood risks by adding potential sea-level rise heights to traditional 100-year and 500-year storm surge estimates.

Anticipated zoning changes would be intended to limit vulnerability of private and municipal infrastructure from both tidal flooding due to increased frequency of major storm events and potential sea level rise scenarios, and to over development or uses which could negatively impact ground water resources.

The plan also recommends that Newmarket work to continue its protection of undeveloped land as a means of reducing stormwater pollution through modifications to its stormwater management standards. One recommendation is to consider a maximum effective impervious cover requirement for new development and redevelopment.

As described in the report, Newmarket has several shoreland protection measures in place, including a primary structure setback of 125 feet along the coastal waters, the Great Bay Estuary, tidal rivers, lakes, artificial impoundments and ponds, and designated fourth order or higher streams including the Lamprey River, the Piscassic River and Follett’s Brook.




Publication Date: July 2015

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