Virginia Governor's Commission on Climate Change Final Report: A Climate Change Action Plan

Executive Order 59, signed by Governor Kaine in 2007, established the Governor's Commission on Climate Change. The Commission was charged with creating a Climate Change Action Plan that would evaluate expected impacts of climate change on Virginia's natural resources, public health, and the economic impact on the industries of agriculture, forestry, tourism, and insurance. In addition the Plan was to identify strategies to prepare for the projected impacts of climate change on the state. 

The Action Plan discusses the overall climate effects on natural systems, such as ecosystems and the state's primary fish stocks, and the effects on human health. The report details its findings regarding climate impacts, particularly sea-level rise on the states infrastructure, coastlines, and military installations. Adaptation strategies are presented in the context of co-benefits with mitigation. The plan also outlines recommendations for specific state agencies to consider climate change in their planning and decision making processes. For example, the plan calls for the Secretary of Natural Resources to lead an inter-agency and intergovernmental effort to develop a Sea Level Rise Adaptation Strategy by January 1, 2011.

The Commission also issued an Interim Report in September 2008. The Interim Report provided an overview of the expert testimony presented to the Commission at the time of its writing, and is provided in the Appendix of this report.


Publication Date: December 15, 2008

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