Alaska Climate Impact Assessment Commission 2008 Final Report

In May 2006, the Alaska Legislature adopted House Concurrent Resolution 30, creating an Alaska Climate Impact Commission. The Commission was charged with assessing the impacts and costs of climate change to Alaska and developing recommendations for preventative measures potentially implemented by Alaskan communities and governments. The eleven-member commission released their final report in March 2008

This comprehensive report compiles a range of findings on how climate change impacts are already affecting the state of Alaska. The Commission identifies how natural resources, transportation, land use patterns, and a variety of other sectors that affect the Alaskan economy, will be impacted.

To complete this assessment, the Alaska Climate Impact Assessment Commission worked with local public officials and tribal leaders, including the mayors of eight different municipalities. The Commission took testimony on local efforts to better identify and respond to potential climate warming impacts, and noted the varying emphases of concern, generally differing between urban and rural communities.

Additionally, the Commission points to the Sub-Cabinet for Climate Change as the entity that should develop Alaska's overall implementation plan, based on the results of this assessment and others.

Publication Date: March 17, 2008

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  • Joint Alaska Climate Impact Assessment Commission


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