Boulder County, Colorado Climate Change Preparedness Plan

The Boulder County Climate Change Preparedness Plan was prepared by Stratus Consulting for Boulder County Commissioner’s Sustainability Office. The plan is aimed at improving the resilience of the county and its municipalities to the vulnerabilities of climate change. The report identifies the potential impacts of climate change, explores the implications of these changes in the context of resource management institutions, and outlines opportunities for adaptation planning efforts.

The impacts analyzed and recommendations provided in this plan focus on public outreach, protecting the local water supply, updating emergency management procedures, and establishing a permanent climate Adaptation Planning Committee. The climate impacts on water supply, emergency management, agriculture and natural resources, and public health sectors are discussed at length in individual chapters, with recommendations for future study in each. 

Chapter 2 provides a useful context for all other chapters with a brief overview of projected what climate change impacts on Boulder County. This chapter provides a summary of the most recent global climate projections and their uncertainties, along with the observed (i.e., historical) climate of Boulder County over the 20th century - and how major climatological variables are projected to change over the rest of the 21st century. The projected climate change impacts on the four sectors covered in this plan are reviewed, highlighting the detailed assessments by sector that follow. 

Following the 2013 flood, the BoCo Strong network published their own county-wide assessment to develop a shared vision of resilience. See that report here.


Publication Date: May 3, 2012

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