City of Chicago, Illinois Climate Action Plan (CCAP)

The City of Chicago Climate Task Force developed this Climate Action Plan to address both mitigation and adaptation. The brief adaptation section of the plan discusses nine strategies including: heat management, innovative cooling, protect air quality, manage stormwater, implement green urban design, preserve plants and trees, engage the public, engage businesses, and plan for the future.

For example, as it pertains to managing stormwater, the plan calls for the city to create a watershed plan that factors in climate chathe city to create a watershed plan that factors in climate change projections, and to find ways to use "available space" to manage stormwater. Additionally, the Chicago Trees Initiative is a climate adaptation program designed to expand the urban tree canopy. 

Related reports include the Task Force's two year progress report - 'Chicago Climate Action Plan Progress Report: the First Two Years' - and the impact assessments and fact sheets by sector available on the CCAP website under Research & Reports, found here:

Also, see 'Climate Change and Chicago: Projections and Potential Impacts' in this  Clearinghouse for more details.



Publication Date: 2008

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