Colorado Climate Plan 2018 Update - State Level Policies and Strategies to Mitigate and Adapt

Colorado published its first Climate Plan in 2007, and advanced the plan with State Level Policies and Strategies to Mitigate and Adapt in 2015. This version, updated in 2018, incorporates additional commitments to climate action, as laid out in Governor Hickenlooper’s 2017 executive orderThe Climate Plan focuses on eight main sectors including water, public health, greenhouse gas emissions, energy, transportation, agriculture, tourism and recreation, and ecosystems. Updated climate mitigation and adaptation strategies and policy recommendations are given for each of the sectors. The plan makes clear the urgent need for climate adaptation across Colorado, and incorporates progress that has already been made.

[GCC recognizes that only the Executive Summary of this report is currently available, and therefore linked here. We have been actively looking for the full document as of April 2019 and will update this entry if or when it becomes available.]

One example of the state’s progress documented by the report is the creation of the web-based Colorado Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal. The portal raises awareness of risks and provides information for insurance companies, homeowners, and realtors as well as risk planners and emergency responders.

Updates on local government actions are also included in the document. One notable example highlighted is the City of Boulder, which was an early participant in the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities program, and is an example of a countywide approach to climate resilience for other communities in Colorado and beyond.  

The plan recognizes the value of collaboration to advance climate action, and was developed collectively by the Department of Natural Resources, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, the Colorado Energy Office, the Colorado Department of Transportation, the Colorado Department of Agriculture, the Office of Economic Development and International Trade, and the Department of Local Affairs, with input from key stakeholders.

Publication Date: July 2018

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