Marin Countywide Plan (California)

The Marin Countywide Plan is a comprehensive, long-range sustainability plan that addresses climate change through assessing greenhouse-gas emissions, setting targets to reduce emissions, and recommending programs to plan for and adapt to projected sea level rise.

The plan calls for environmentally friendly building techniques and energy-efficiency standards in excess of state requirements. Other innovations include the goal of reducing their ecological footprint to Western European levels, and using benchmarks to track progress in implementing the plan.

The plan includes a section on adapting to climate change with a focus on sea level rise resiliency strategies. The 'Atmosphere and Climate' section provides a framework for mitigating and adapting to climate impacts on the County, as well as detailed programs and policies addressing climate protection are included throughout the Countywide Plan.  





Publication Date: November 6, 2007

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  • Marin County, California
  • Marin County Community Development Agency


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