New York City Green Roof Property Tax Abatement Program

The Green Roof Property Tax Abatement provides a one-year tax abatement for the construction of a green roof on residential and commercial buildings in New York City. The City of New York and New York State passed legislation in 2008 to provide a one-year tax abatement, or tax relief, of $4.50 per square foot (up to $100,000 or the building's tax liability, whichever is less). Amended in 2013 by New York State’s AB 7058, the tax abatement is now available through March 15, 2018. 

As per the 2013 Amendment, an increase in the value of the abatement was raised from $4.50 per square foot of green roof to $5.23 per square foot of green roof plus doubling the per-project cap from $100,000 to $200,000.  Section 1 of AB 7058 also amends the definition of the term "green roof" to add native and agricultural plant species to the list of "live plants" that can be used to meet the requirement that 80% of the vegetation layer of a green roof must be covered by live plants.

To be eligible for the New York State tax credit, the green roof system must cover at least 50 percent of a building's useable rooftop space, with vegetation on at least 80 percent of that covered roof space. State law also requires that all applications for a green roof tax abatement must include an applicant agreement with a maintenance plan for the compliance period (year of abatement) plus three additional years.


New York City’s 1 RCNY §105-01 Requirements for the approval of a property tax abatement application for the installation of a green roof can be found here:



Publication Date: December 18, 2013

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