NYC Green Codes Task Force Report

On February 1, 2010 the NYC Green Codes Task Force - led by the Urban Green Council - released a comprehensive analysis of building codes for the city.

Convened at the request of Mayor Bloomberg and Council Speaker Quinn, the Task Force was charged with recommending changes to the laws and regulations affecting the "greening" of buildings in New York City. The request included: a review of all codes (construction, fire, water, sewer and zoning), recommendations to remove barriers to the adoption of green technologies, identifying opportunities to promote energy efficiency and other sustainability practices, and specifically the incorporating climate change adaptation measures into the codes.

The 111 recommendations impact new construction and renovations, many of them removing current impediments to green practices. The proposals affect building codes as well as other codes, such as zoning, health, consumer affairs, and environmental protection - resulting in greener, healthier buildings for all New Yorkers. Recommendations to address sea-level rise and urban heat are included. Specifically, the Building Resilience proposal section includes nine recommendations by the Climate Adaptation Committee, including the recommendation to create and use 2080 flood maps based on climate change projections. For each recommendation, full amendment language has been developed for the relevant legislation, rules, codes or studies. All supporting information is provided, including environmental and health benefits, costs and savings, precedents, and implementation implications.

The Task Force Report is comprised of an Executive Summary, 111 Detailed Proposals (including specific statutory language), and an appendix with Cost and Savings Data for each recommendation.

Publication Date: February 1, 2010

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