Sea Level Rise: Technical Guidance for Dorchester County, Maryland

This report describes Dorchester County's vulnerability to sea-level rise and specific policy response options. The report follows the outline established in the state's sea-level rise response strategy, including: Vulnerability and Impact Assessment; Long-Range and Comprehensive Planning; Codes, Regulations and Development Standards; and Public Education and Outreach.

This guidance document, funded by the state's Department of Natural Resources, focuses on changes necessary for Dorchester County due to sea-level rise, and is presented in a manner intended to provide the public with an understanding of the possible effects of sea-level on their daily lives. It is also intended to provide educators, planners, engineers, and elected officials with a clear picture of the challenges facing them.

In "Phase II" of the report, relevant Dorchester County Plans are reviewed and discussed with specific language recommendations for modifications to each to incorporate the consideration of sea-level rise (e.g. Comprehensive Plan). In Phase III, current county codes and regulations are analyzed and amendments recommended. Prominent recommendations in this section relate to planning and changes to Dorchester County's zoning code.

Recommendations indicate that county planning should delineate those areas that will be vulnerable to sea-level rise and steer development away from those places. Additionally, the report recommends providing a means of notifying those who might purchase vulnerable property.



Publication Date: October 2008

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  • Wanda Diane Cole

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  • Assessment
  • Policy analysis/recommendations

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