State of the Climate: New Jersey

From the New Jersey Climate Adaptation Alliance and Rutgers Climate Institute, “State of the Climate: New Jersey” provides an overview of recent climate events and trends, their impacts, and their implications for the future of New Jersey. The report highlights climate impacts as related to temperature, precipitation and sea level rise for the state.

The brief report begins with a review of the state of the climate on a global scale. This is followed by an analysis of climate trends in New Jersey and recent extreme or unusual events and their impacts - including details about the impact of Hurricane Sandy. The ongoing and future impacts of projected climate change on the region is discussed as well.

The New Jersey Climate Adaptation Alliance is a network of policymakers, public and private sector practitioners, academics, and NGO and business leaders designed to build climate change preparedness capacity in New Jersey. The Alliance is supported by Rutgers University, which provides science and technical support, facilitates the Alliance’s operations and advances its recommendations.


Publication Date: 2013

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