Sustainable Salt Lake - Plan 2015 (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Sustainable Salt Lake was developed by Salt Lake City Green, the outreach arm of Salt Lake City’s Sustainability Division. This comprehensive plan outlines goals and strategies to achieve increased community sustainability, social justice, and neighborhood and downtown vitality by the end of Mayor Ralph Becker’s second term in 2015. 

Along with mitigation targets to reduce GHGs, the plan sets goals to improve air quality, and to protect the community from dust, smoke, and ozone pollution due to warmer temperatures and droughts. The process for attaining these goals is described in the section "Air Quality and Climate Change."

Adaptation is addressed in planning for water resource management. The strategy, specifically, is to "engage in research and partnerships to develop climate change scenarios and address vulnerabilities relating to Salt Lake City’s water resources." One of the primary goals for the urban forestry sector is to consider future climate effects when selecting tree species and planting locations.

Additionally, planning for the "Community Health and Safety" sector includes considerations of disaster preparedness and future climate impacts, with strategies to evaluate how climate change will affect health and safety in the city, and to develop adaptation plans. 


The U.S. Department of Energy provided financial support for preparing and publishing this plan. 



Publication Date: March 18, 2013

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