Synthesis and Assessment Product (SAP) 4.3: The Effects of Climate Change on Agriculture, Land Resources, Water Resources, and Biodiversity

This report is one in a series of 21 Synthesis and Assessment Products (SAPs) produced between 2004 and 2009, aimed at providing current assessments of climate change science in the U.S. to inform public debate, policy, and operational decisions. SAPs are being produced under the auspices of the U.S. Climate Change Science Program (CCSP), which coordinates the climate change research activities of U.S. government agencies. The lead sponsor of this particular assessment product is the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The project was led and coordinated by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR).

This is an assessment of the effects of climate change on U.S. land resources, including forests and arid lands, water resources quantity and quality, agriculture, and biodiversity - based on extensive review of the relevant scientific literature and measurements and data collected and published by U.S. government agencies. Written by a team of 38 scientists and researchers from universities, national laboratories, non-government organizations, and government agencies – the authors are experts in the fields of agriculture, biodiversity, and land and water resources. The report presents changes in resource conditions that are now being observed, while examining whether these changes can be attributed in whole or part to climate change. The general time horizon for this report is from the recent past through the period 2030-2050, although some longer-term results are addressed. The assessment finds that climate change is already affecting U.S. water resources, agriculture, land resources, and biodiversity, and will continue to do so.

Publication Date: May 2008

Authors or Affiliated Users:

  • Peter Backlund
  • Anthony Janetos
  • David Schimel
  • J. Hatfield
  • K. Boote
  • P. Fay
  • L. Hahn
  • C. Izaurralde
  • B.A. Kimball
  • T. Mader
  • J. Morgan
  • D. Ort
  • W. Polley
  • A. Thomson
  • D. Wolfe
  • M.G. Ryan
  • S.R. Archer
  • R. Birdsey
  • C. Dahm
  • L. Heath
  • J. Hicke
  • D. Hollinger
  • T. Huxman
  • G. Okin
  • R. Oren
  • J. Randerson
  • W. Schlesinger
  • D. Lettenmaier
  • D. Major
  • L. Poff
  • S. Running
  • L. Hansen
  • D. Inouye
  • B.P. Kelly
  • L. Meyerson
  • B. Peterson
  • R. Shaw.

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  • Assessment
  • Climate science


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