The San Diego Foundation Regional Focus 2050 Study: Climate Change Related Impacts in the San Diego Region by 2050

This study addresses climate change related impacts in the San Diego region projected to occur by 2050. It was prepared for inclusion in the 2008 Climate Change Impacts Assessment Second Biennial Science Report to the California Climate Action Team. Focusing on interrelated issues of climate change, sea‚Äźlevel rise, population growth, land use, water, energy, public health, wildfires, biodiversity, and habitat, the report looks at the potential impacts by 2050, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

The forecasted impacts discussed in this study are based on projections of climate change generated by scientists at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, using three climate models and two emissions scenarios drawn from those used by the IPCC. The goal of the Focus 2050 Study is to provide a scientific basis for local governments and public agencies to develop climate preparedness plans, which include strategies for mitigating the damage from, and adapting to, climate change.

Key issues explored in the report include: 

- potential inundation of six selected low-lying coastal areas due to sea level rise, 

- potential shortfalls in water deliveries, 

- peak energy demand increases due to higher temperatures, 

- increasing risk of devastating wildfire

- migrations of species in response to higher temperatures in an increasingly fragmented habitat, and

- public health issues associated with extreme temperature events. 



Publication Date: 2008

Authors or Affiliated Users:

  • Steven Messner
  • Sandra C. Miranda
  • Karen Green
  • Charles Phillips
  • Joseph Dudley
  • Dan Cayan
  • Emily Young

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  • Assessment

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