USGCRP Global Climate Change Impacts in the US - Transportation

This report is one of seven sector-specific chapters from the United States Global Change Research Program's 2009 National Climate Assessment, "Global Climate Change Impacts in the U.S."  The 'Transportation' chapter presents current and projected impacts to the U.S. transportation system from climate change. Primarily the effects of climate change on infrastructure, such as highways, air strips, and port facilities, are described in detail. Regional case studies demonstrating these types of impacts from extreme weather events in the recent past are included.

Although adaptation measures are not outlined specifically, this report suggests that a range of adaptation responses can be employed to reduce risks through redesign or relocation of infrastructure, increased redundancy of critical services, and operational improvements.

The report concludes that vulnerable transportation infrastructure can be made more resilient through long-term planning, risk management, and incorporation of these adaptive responses.

Publication Date: June 2009

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