Virginia Special Places in Peril: Jamestown, Chincoteague, and Shenandoah Threatened by Climate Disruption

This report examines, in detail, the threats that climate change presents to Jamestown, Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, and Shenandoah National Park. For each of these impacts, the report identifies the potential economic losses that could result from the loss of ecosystems and tourism. The authors provide downscaled information about climate threats, including projected temperature increases for each of the three sites. Additionally, the report characterizes the threat sea-level rise and erosion pose to Jamestown and Chincoteague. The report also examines the potential for habitat loss, fires caused by drought, and the possibility of insect outbreaks in each of these three places.

Publication Date: September 2010

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  • Stephen Saunders
  • Tom Easley
  • Theo Spencer

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  • Assessment

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