Vision 2020: New York City Comprehensive Waterfront Plan

Prepared by the Department of City Planning of New York City, Vision 2020 is a comprehensive waterfront and waterway sustainability plan aimed at transforming the city's 520-mile shoreline with parks, industry, and housing, and capitalizing on its waterways to promote waterborne transportation, recreation, maritime activity, and natural habitats. This framework for the next decade is an outgrowth of Bloomberg's PlaNYC long-term sustainability blueprint issued in 2007. The plan establishes policies for the expanded use of NYC's waterways, or the “Blue Network,” for transportation, recreation, education, and for improving water quality.

Vision 2020 considers the impact of climate change and begins to identify strategies for addressing rising sea levels and more frequent and severe storms anticipated in the coming years. The plan identifies strategies and projects such as establishing a strategic planning process for climate resilience, working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to update flood insurance maps, incorporating climate change into the city's Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan, and updating cosatal storm evacuation maps. Longer-term planning recommendations include identifying resources to promote research and modeling of flood and storm surge risks; considering zoning changes to remove disincentives to enhanced flood protection of buildings; and developing an inventory of adaptation strategies for flooding and storm surge that could be applied to the city. See pages 112-113 for a table of the strategies and projects, including those identified for the 3-year Action Agenda.

This report is one of two core components of New York City’s Waterfront Vision and Enhancement Strategy.  The second phase, "Waterfront Action Agenda: Transforming New York City's Waterfront" established priority projects to have begun within the first three years of the planning timeframe.




Publication Date: March 2011

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