Washington Climate Change Impacts Assessment: Evaluating Washington's Future in a Changing Climate

This is the full assessment report detailing the findings of the Climate Impacts Group's climate change impact assessment of Washington. The Washington Climate Change Impacts Assessment (WACCIA) involved developing updated climate change scenarios for the state and using these scenarios to assess the impacts of climate change on the following sectors: agriculture, coasts, energy, forests, human health, hydrology and water resources, salmon, and urban stormwater infrastructure. A chapter is dedicated to regional climate modeling. Additionally, a chapter is dedicated to the assessment of each of these sectors individually, with each including adaptation options and research needs.

Chapter 11, Preparing for Climate Change in Washington State, discusses the fundamentals of adaptation, providing an overview of the need for adaptation planning, and a synthesis of the adaptation options relevant to sectors covered in the assessment.  Research partners included Washington State University and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. The assessment was funded by the Washington State Legislature through House Bill 1303.

Publication Date: 2009

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