Water Scarcity and Climate Change: Growing Risks for Businesses and Investors

In a world where industries are dependent on water, where water sustains our global economy, and climate change is likely to exacerbate already diminishing water supplies, few business have contemplated the risks of a diminishing water supply. This report covers global water trends and climate change, analyzes water-related business risks, and evaluates industry sector risks. Water-related risks discussed are specific to eight water-intensive industry sectors: high-tech, beverage, agriculture, electric power/energy, apparel,  biotechnology/pharmaceutical, forest products, and metals/mining. Recommended company actions to manage water risk are presented, as are methods for investors to better understand water-related risk exposures in their portfolios.

Publication Date: February 2009

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  • Jason Morrison
  • Mari Morikawa
  • Mohd Khawlie
  • Michael Murphy
  • Peter Schulte

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  • Assessment


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