Ahead of the Storm: Preparing Toronto for Climate Change

The Toronto City Council unanimously approved a comprehensive strategy to respond to climate change, known as the "Climate Change, Clean Air and Sustainable Energy Action Plan" in 2007. The development and establishment of a climate change adaptation strategy is one of the actions contained in the Plan. As such, this report provides a framework designed to help members of the public and other stakeholders engage in the process of formulating and implementing a climate change adaptation strategy for Toronto.

The report includes an overview of climate change indicators and risks, and provides justification for incorporating adaptation to climate change into Toronto's policies and programs.  Existing programs the help to reduce the city's vulnerability are synthesized, as the basis for further action. Planned and proposed short-term actions are proposed, such as conducting a vulnerability and risk assessment of city operations, and numerous impact-reduction strategies. While these short-term actions are highly beneficial, the report recommends a long-term, comprehensive adaptation strategy be developed. A process is presented to systematically assess the risks to Toronto of climate change, prioritize areas for action, and develop strategies to reduce the impacts and protect Toronto.

Publication Date: April 18, 2008

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  • Toronto Environment Office
  • City of Toronto; Ontario, Canada


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  • Assessment
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