California 2009 Climate Adaptation Strategy

The state of California produced this cross-agency, multi-sector strategy in late 2009, to help guide California's efforts in adapting to climate change impacts. The California Climate Adaptation Strategy, directed by Executive Order S-13-08, was developed by five state agencies and nine departments to plan for sea-level rise and other impacts.

Relying on the efforts of seven working groups, the Strategy details the best known science on climate change impacts and provides recommendations on managing those threats for: public health, biodiversity and habitat, ocean and coastal resources, water management, agriculture, forestry, and transportation and energy infrastructure, as well as cross-sector issues.

The report outlines near-term actions that state agencies will implement, including development of the Cal-Adapt web-based portal to provide climate impact information at a scale to support community-level adaptation planning.

A new version of this plan, Safeguarding California: Reducing Climate Risk - Update to the 2009 CA Climate Adaptation Strategy, was released in 2014. 

Publication Date: 2009

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  • California Natural Resources Agency
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