California Climate Action Team Biennial Report - 2009 CAT Report

In June 2005, Executive Order S-05-05 was signed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger which mandated the preparation of biennial science assessment reports on climate change impacts and adaptation options for California. The first Climate Action Team (CAT) Assessment Report was produced in March 2006. This 2009 assessment expands on the policy-oriented 2006 assessment, and provides new information and scientific findings including: 1) the development of new climate and sea-level projections using new information and tools that have become available in the last two years; and 2) an evaluation of climate change within the context of broader social changes, such as land-use changes and demographic shifts.

Specifically, this assessment: 1) applies the latest climate science to the impacts of climate change on California's people, natural resources and infrastructure; 2) provides detailed analyses of economic impacts of future climate change on various economic sectors in California; 3) assesses the research needs and opportunities for coordination on California-focused climate change; and 4) offers an overview of current efforts by the state to adapt to current and future impacts of climate change.


Publication Date: March 2009

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