Chicago Area Climate Change Quick Guide: Adapting to the Physical Impacts of Climate Change - for municipalities and other organizations

This document is a summary of a report on preparing the city of Chicago for climate change. It is one in a series of reports on this topic commissioned by the Chicago Climate Task Force, and was used by the Task Force in developing the Chicago Climate Action Plan. This summary report also shows the municipalities and businesses why taking action to prepare for climate change is important, and explains how to take action.

The report outlines a risk assessment and response methodology. It also breaks down "adaptation tactics" to address or support four main adaptation strategies: reduce vulnerability to extreme heat events; reduce vulnerability to extreme precipitation events; reduce vulnerability of buildings, infrastructure, and equipment to extreme weather conditions; and reduce vulnerability to future economic degradation.

Other reports in this series project the impacts of climate change on the city and explore options to reduce emissions. The full set of Chicago climate reports is available online at

Publication Date: March 2008

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  • Julia Parzen

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