City of New York Climate Change Assessment and Action Plan (NYC Department of Environmental Protection)

This report summarizes analysis and actions that address New York City's drinking water delivery, storm water management, and waste water treatment systems. It presents the steps that the NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has taken over the last four years (2004-2008) to address climate change, including efforts to assess the impacts of climate change on NYC's water systems, and identifies opportunities for meaningful changes to water management. The report includes the findings and recommendations to date of DEP's Climate Change Program and Task Force and the immediate actions that the DEP has committed to undertaking to manage climate impacts.

Chapter 6 is the Climate Action Plan. Organized within five primary task areas, the plan lists specific actions, impacts that are affected by the actions, and the city bureaus affected by each action. The five task areas are to work with climate scientists to improve regional climate change projections, quantify potential climate change impacts on NYC's water systems, determine and implement appropriate adjustments to NYC's water systems, inventory and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to improve communication and tracking mechanisms.

Publication Date: May 2008

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