Current and Future Vulnerability of Sarasota County, Florida to Hurricane, Storm Surge and Sea Level Rise

This report by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and Penn State University presents a comprehensive vulnerability assessment  for Sarasota County, Florida. The assessment integrated geospatial analysis and stakeholder input, with the intention of providing guidelines for implementing science and community-based actions to mitigate impacts from sea level rise, hurricanes, and storm surge.

The report includes a scientific vulnerability assessment on sea level rise using the SLOSH model, decision-support methodology techniques incorporating scientific understanding with value-based human dynamics, and sea level rise scenarios incorporating long-range planning activities. Using representative storms, predictions (mapped visualizations) are provided of the potential damage that could be inflicted from storm surge and flooding. The majority of the report provides these maps, representing the results of various modeling techniques, with the complete spectrum of least to greatest impacts of sea level rise in the form of inundation on the region. 

Brief analysis and results of stakeholder input are broken into subgroups including those for business, environmental, planners, facilities and infrastructure, and government officials. Each subgroup presents relevant research and outlines recommendations for specific actions.

Following this slide show presentation representing the vulnerability assessment is a sub-report (also slides) entitled "Hurricane risk perceptions and preparedness among Sarasota business owners." The results of on online survey to local business owners are represented. 

Publication Date: 2010

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  • Tim Frazier
  • Brent Yarnal
  • Nathan Wood

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